Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Project Server workflow - Solution Starters Dynamic Workflow

If you need to use workflows in Project Server, the best candidate for this job is Dynamic Workflow from Microsoft Project 2010 Solution Starters.

The whole package of Solution Starters can be downloaded from Microsoft's pages.

In that package, you can find many great solutions for Project Server (I'll write about some of them in some of my following posts), but for now, all you need is Dynamic Workflow.

Dynamic Workflow is absolutely fabulous. To each workflow you define, you can add customized stages in which you can define who are workflow approvers, who is to be notified, etc. And all that in great graphical interface!

Maybe the best thing of all is that you get source code of entire workflow (and all other solutions in Solution Starters package), so, you can customize almost everything in this workflow (approval, decision making, notifications, etc.) and make it suit your needs.

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