Monday, February 11, 2013

Project Server - Backup-restore tool for Server Settings

If you have defined lots of Project Detail Pages or Lookup Tables or Custom Fields or Groups or Users or Templates or Workflows or any other setting in Project Server, you don't have to fear of loosing your settings anymore. 

If you have need to backup all your settings or you need to transfer all (or some) setting to another Project Server environment, you can do that easily with Microsoft's Playbooks.exe utility.

This utility is a part of Microsoft Project Server 2010 Resource Kit (PRK). It enables Project Server 2010 administrators to back up server settings from a selected Project Server 2010 instance to an XML or binary .playbook file. The tool can then restore the server settings to another Project Server 2010 instance. The data from the exported XML (or binary) file is what is imported to the target Project Server 2010 instance. This tool can be especially useful when you move server settings from a test to a production environment, but could also be used to generate a simple “playbook” of custom fields and views (for example, for different industries).

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