Wednesday, October 17, 2012

How to delete App from Sharepoint 2013 Site Content

If you're building App for Sharepoint 2013, you will most certainly come across this message during deployment of your Visual Studio 2012 project: "Error occurred in deployment step 'Install App for Sharepoint': An instance of this App already exists at the specified location."

This is a bug of Sharepoint 2013 Preview!

You can go to your Sharepoint site, click on "Site Content" and there you will see your App in a list.

You can on link "Click to retry" and try to delete your application. If your App is gets delete, great, you have removed your App and now you can go back to Visual Studio and deploy your projetct again.

But, sometimes, App just will not uninstall, no matter how many times you click on it. Then, only thing you can do is to change the productId in your appmanifest.xml in your VS project.

After that, you can successfully deploy your project, but you will have two instances of the App in your Site Content; old and new one. This is a known bug and it will be fixed in future versions.

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