Friday, October 24, 2014

How to find out which SharePoint version am I using?

Sometimes it can be difficult to get the simplest information from SharePoint. Getting the SharePoint version is one of them. To find out what version of SharePoint are you using, go to server on which you installed your SharePoint and follow these steps:

1. Go to Registry: 
Press Win key on your keyboard + letter R.
This will open new window.

2. Write "regedit.exe" and press Enter key.

3. Now, go to the following path:
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Shared Tools\Web Server Extensions\14.0\WSS\InstalledProducts

It will look similar to this:

5. Now, you need to look at the GUID in the data column and match it to one of the following GUIDs and this is your version of SharePoint (GUIDs are different for 2010 and 2013 SharePoint versions).

SharePoint 2010:
"BEED1F75-C398-4447-AEF1-E66E1F0DF91E" -- "SharePoint Foundation 2010"
"1328E89E-7EC8-4F7E-809E-7E945796E511" -- "Search Server Express 2010"
"B2C0B444-3914-4ACB-A0B8-7CF50A8F7AA0" -- "SharePoint Server 2010 Standard Trial"
"3FDFBCC8-B3E4-4482-91FA-122C6432805C" -- "SharePoint Server 2010 Standard"
"88BED06D-8C6B-4E62-AB01-546D6005FE97" -- "SharePoint Server 2010 Enterprise Trial"
"D5595F62-449B-4061-B0B2-0CBAD410BB51" -- "SharePoint Server 2010 Enterprise"
"BC4C1C97-9013-4033-A0DD-9DC9E6D6C887" -- "Search Server 2010 Trial"
"08460AA2-A176-442C-BDCA-26928704D80B" -- "Search Server 2010"
"84902853-59F6-4B20-BC7C-DE4F419FEFAD" -- "Project Server 2010 Trial"
"ED21638F-97FF-4A65-AD9B-6889B93065E2" -- "Project Server 2010"
"926E4E17-087B-47D1-8BD7-91A394BC6196" -- "Office Web Companions 2010"

More details on this subject on this link:

SharePoint 2013:

"35466B1A-B17B-4DFB-A703-F74E2A1F5F5E" -- "Project Server 2013"
"BC7BAF08-4D97-462C-8411-341052402E71" -- " Project Server 2013 Preview"
"C5D855EE-F32B-4A1C-97A8-F0A28CE02F9C" -- "SharePoint Server 2013"
"CBF97833-C73A-4BAF-9ED3-D47B3CFF51BE" -- "SharePoint Server 2013 Preview"
"B7D84C2B-0754-49E4-B7BE-7EE321DCE0A9" -- "SharePoint Server 2013 Enterprise"
"298A586A-E3C1-42F0-AFE0-4BCFDC2E7CD0" -- "SharePoint Server 2013 Enterprise Preview"
"D6B57A0D-AE69-4A3E-B031-1F993EE52EDC" -- "Microsoft Office Online"
"9FF54EBC-8C12-47D7-854F-3865D4BE8118" -- "SharePoint Foundation 2013"

More details on this subject on this link:

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  1. Yo can see it with central Admin :
    Upgrade and Migration / Convert farm license type => Give the current farm type
    Upgrade and Migration / Check product and patch installation status => give all product installed on the farm (Language pack, .... )