Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Project Server 2010 - Bug when uploading image on PDP

When adding new Enterprise Custom Fields to Project Server, there aren't many options to choose from what that field is going to be. You can set it to be text, number, duration, flag, cost and date field. You can also set that field to get data from Lookup Table or to be a formula (calculated field).

But, when you need to have a field that will contain an image, you have limited options. One way to get image on your PDP is to create Enterprise Custom Field of type "Text" and for its Custom Attributes choose "Multiple lines of text".

When you add this Custom Field to your PDP, you will have rich textbox in which you can format your text in a way you want and you have the tool (in Ribbon) to upload images to that textbox.

But, if just upload image and click on "Save" button, your image will disappear from the page and it will not be saved!

I've tried this couple of times, and every time, image is not saved.

But, when I add some text below the image (in the same textbox), then the image is saved in that textbox.

I consider this as a bug of Project Server 2010.

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