Thursday, April 4, 2013

Project Server - PSI unhandled communication fault occurred

Very often when you try to get some data from Project Server using PSI functions, you will get error "PSI unhandled communication fault occurred".

This error happens when you try to call web service from code (event receivers or workflow or something like that) and the problem is in the user account executing the call.


You need to disable Anonymous Authentication in IIS:

Start --> Administrative Tools --> Internet Information Services Manager (IIS) --> select the Web Application that is hosting your PWA --> double click on Authentication --> right click on Anonymous Authentication and select Disable

Now, your PSI calls should work.

If you are running PSI calls from workflow, then assure that account user account which you specify as the workflow proxy account must have appropriate permissions:

  • Global permissions:
    • Log On
    • Manage Users And Groups
    • Manage Workflow
  • Category permissions:
    • Open Project
    • Save Project
    • View Enterprise Resource Data
    • Edit Project Properties
    • View Enterprise Resource Data

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